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COVID-19 Flyers, Signs and Banners

Keep Customers Informed with:


Informational flyers are a great way to keep a large number of people informed.  Perfect for nursing homes, hospitals, HOA, Etc.  We can produce customized flyers or from the CDC.  See the link to the CDC COVID-19 Print resource page below.

Special printing price: $20 setup plus 12¢ each.  1 sided, full color, 8.5 x 11.

Temporary indoor and outdoor signage

Perfect for letting people know if there are any specials concerns or procedures to follow when entering your business.  Reduces the amount of questions and may put your customer at ease.

Special printing price: $20 setup plus $5 each.  Synthetic Stock, 1 sided, full color, 8.5 x 11.  Also available in larger sizes.

Banners and Yard Signs

Give your customers important information from the curb.  Perfect for temporary closures or changes in store hours.

Special Banner printing price: $30 setup plus $4 per square foot.

Please call for details.  303.794.1136.

Need the Facts?

Visit the CDC print resource page.  Feel free to view or print the information yourself or if you would like we would be happy to print any of the items for you.  Please give us a call at 303.794.1136.

We are not associated with the CDC. We are just offering our printing service.  The information on the CDC page is available to the public and can be printed yourself or taken to any number of print service providers.

CDC Print Information Page preview

CDC Print Information Page preview