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VariableData Variable Data Personalization is the practice of changing out words, sentences, names, or images on a printed piece drawing information from a database.  We were among the first printers in the Denver area to adopt Variable Data printing into our work flow, and in Variable Data, experience is important.  When we first started there were studies showing that your response rate would double or triple from variable data personalization, it also increased order volume and repeat orders while decreasing response time by 30%.  While the data doesn’t support that kind of difference now it does still make a difference and there are ways to use it to maximize your potential profit from each customer while minimizing your costs to produce.  Here are a few examples.

1). A business wants to send out 3 mailers to draw in business using a discount offer.  They sell products in store to customers at retail price and want to offer them a discount to entice them back into the store. They’ve found that a 20% discount will usually do the trick. This business also sell their products via a webstore to online customers.  They’ve found that they usually need to discount 30% online to receive repeat business.  In addition they would like to also offer new customers a 10% discount to earn some new business.  With variable data personalization they can easily add the percentage discount into the database and only need to design, print, and mail one postcard o hit all three groups.  In addition, they receive the benefit of discounted mailing services and postage from the bulk order.


2).An events company wants to promote 3 separate events to 3 separate customer lists.  The entire image of the card front and back can be changed out as long as the name personalization on the front and the address on the back are in the same place.  This way you save on costs as you only need to pay for on CASS certification, you get the benefit of a longer run as you will have more total pieces that 3 separate runs, and you will get more saturation so your postage all go down.  In addition, because you are targeting people with their name on the front, you are more likely to have them attend the event.

That said, we should mention that since people have seen variable data for a decade now, that may not be enough to use as your sole strategy with the postcard.  A strong call to action is always good when designing a postcard.  Something that will bring people through the door, along the lines of a strong discount, a limited time offer, or a product that you only have a limited amount of are just 3 examples.  Generally we’ve found that a good offer gets someone interested and seeing their name in color, printed large on the front is the final key to get them in your door.

For more information on variable data, check out this article: “Variable Data Printing Update”

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