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At Littleton Print and Copy, we offer a full range of Direct Mail services.  Starting with list acquisition and clean up, we can provide you with a database of names tailored to your industry and the customers that would be interested in your products or services.  Maybe you have your own list and would like duplicate names removed, or special offers inserted tailored to the customer, we can do that – to learn more about list management and variable offers, check out our Variable Data section.

After we have a clean list ready to go we offer CASS certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) including NCOA lookup and walk sequencing.  This means you’ll get the most accurate list possible and won’t loose as many cards to bad addresses.  Next we print the addresses onto the postcard, or whatever you need mailed, including postal barcodes for POSTNET, or Intelligent Mail. Finally we sort the mail into trays and deliver it to the post office.  We have a postal permit with the bulk mail center in Denver for the cheapest postage available.  

We are also happy to help you with any EDDM pieces you would like to print.  Every Door Direct Mail is a fantastic new program from the USPS in which you can get a postcard delivered to every mailbox on a mail route, and postage is as low as 14¢ each!  this is a fantastic product for restaurants and shops looking to bring in folks from their neighborhood.  We’ve also found success with roofing companies looking to target specific areas who have received hail damage and are looking for a quote.  The nice thing is you can really pinpoint several blocks at a time, and with a maximum of 5000 names per mail drop, it won’t take the monitory commitment of a 50,000 piece mailer.  The size of EDDMs is flexible, but call us and we can offer you a few sizes that really work well with our press.

Direct Mail pricing depends a lot on the job, so please give us a call to discuss pricing options for our various services.  303.335.0041

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